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Body Confidence In A Wheelchair

When it comes to my body confidence and image I’ve always struggled because I didn’t fit the stereotype of a size two, blonde and able bodied ‘pretty girl’. I’ve always been bigger and I found natural hair colour and the typical clothing style boring. I think that served me well though because it meant that if I didn’t see myself in society’s stereotype for all the previous reasons it made me feel like “ well I can’t go down that path and be like everyone else so I might as well carve my own path and I felt like my whole aesthetic is standing out anyway .” It took me a while to get here though. I used to hate my legs because they, well... they didn’t work and I hated the way my stomach looked in clothes. In a way I felt like my body betrayed me for not performing properly and not looking “pretty and perfect”. I used to compare myself to everyone on Instagram knowing full well that comparison is the thief of joy. That was until I realised that my body just isn’t capable of looking like everyone else’s through no lack of trying on my part I tried to change my appearance by attempting to lose weight or eat less calories or whatever else but the fact is I can’t move so I can’t burn the calories and because of my condition my body finds it really hard to build muscle mass. So ultimately, I came to the conclusion that there’s no point in beating myself up about things I can’t control. That feeling of accepting the skin you’re in and feeling comfortable in it is one I can’t quite describe. Another thing that helped me massively with my body confidence is thinking about what my body has managed to do for me. For example, I was born three months premature and it was touch and go whether I would make it through the first 24 hours. My body has managed to survive not one but two seizures where I was at risk of having to be put in a coma. What I always try and remember is my body may not look or function how it's ‘supposed to’. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it looks but most importantly it’s been through a lot and still managed to keep me alive all these years, so it done a damn good job.

Before I leave you here’s a few Instagram accounts that helped me with my body confidence

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