Uni Life Chapter One New Beginnings

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the massive break it’s time to catch you up!

The main reason I’ve taken time off is because I’ve moved to university the transition has been very chaotic but it’s all good chaos. I’m gradually getting used to all the new faces and the amount of independence I’ve gained. I’m planning on making these uni chapters a weekly series. So that this lovely communitea can see what being disabled and living the university is like. So, I want to hear from you all are you excited for this new series? Is there anything specific you want me to delve into in more detail.

My schedule for this will be every Thursday at 9pm you’ll receive a post with a round up of the past week, trials, tribulations, and all.


Let me give you a little taster. This week has been a lot of new faces figuring out schedules and trying to get into a routine before everyone’s here in freshers’ week. My new carers are all super nice and I think we’re all starting to grasp our new routine and I feel like vim starting to get to know them well. They all have distinct energies and personalities to them, and It’s been fun getting to know whoever walks through the door for the day, my accommodations super accessible and comfortable to live in which always helps. I’m definitely starting to wrap my head round the city, but I reckon a lot of that will come with time as well. Generally, I feel a lot more settled than I did a few days ago I reckon the adrenaline is wearing off slightly. Overall though I feel like I’m doing well and this’s a nice note to end on.

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See you next week and don’t forget to leave your thoughts for the series in the comment section.

Xoxo Hannah

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