Reflections on Lockdown

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

During the pandemic, everyone has had their own struggles with being in lockdown and personally my experience in one word is TOUGH! Many people like myself, who have pre-existing limitations have felt like these have been amplified throughout this time. When my already infringed upon freedom was taken away, it made me feel powerless especially since the little freedoms that were allowed weren’t applicable to me. I was also concerned about how my mental health would fare, as 5 years ago I was home bound for a prolonged period of time, due to medical reasons, which took a massive toll on me mentally.

So, during lockdown I really missed the seemingly small things like going for coffee with friends. This activity that many people take for granted, means a lot to me as it is one of the few outings that I find easier not only in terms of physicality but also in terms of communication. The low hum of a coffee shop enables me to have a coherent conversation with whomever I’m with compared to being elsewhere where there is lots of background noise and/or music to compete with my quiet voice. Losing my frequent trips to coffee shops meant that I lost a large chunk of my social life and gave me large chunk of extra time that I had to fill in a time when it felt like there was nothing to do.

And so, like the rest of the country I had to find new things to do with my day to keep me mentally afloat. I found myself delving into books especially on educational topics and about wellness. I was longing for self-improvement and introspection to make the most of the opportunity lockdown presented: time. It was a chance to re-assess what fulfilled me and what no longer did, what areas of myself I wanted to develop and what areas to leave behind. This journey manifest itself in a few different ways. For example, I gutted and re – organised my room, I adopted a skincare routine so I would have a reason to get up in the morning (as well as being a form of selfcare).

And now finally, lockdown for me feels like it’s coming to an end as I return to school and gradually start proceeding back to my sense of normalcy which has made me reflect over some of the things, I have learnt in last few months. First: I am more self-sufficient than I give myself credit for. Second: I enjoy being alone and find the time to myself energising. Third: I love reading both educational and general literature! Although I’m thankful for the opportunity to have developed myself, I’m glad that lockdown is finally coming end.

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