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by Hannah

When I was about a year old my parents noticed that I wasn’t rolling over. So they decided to go to the hospital to check I was okay. The doctors scanned my brain did some tests and that’s when we got told that I had CP, the doctors then proceeded to explain that it was probably due to the fact I had a lack of oxygen to my brain during birth, not to mention I was three months premature.

 No one knew how severely I would be affected by the CP but what they did know was whatever affect it had on me that’s what I would be stuck with because it was brain damage and therefore wouldn’t get worse over time which was definitely a big relief on my parents end.

By the age of four I was in a wheelchair full time and I started to notice that I was different from the other kids at school. 

I remember coming home one day and asking my dad what was wrong with me. He sat down next to me and said,  “Hannah your brain and your legs are in a fight and they don’t want to talk to each other”. That answer seemed to make perfect sense in my little four-year-old brain. I asked if “I would ever be able to walk”.

 I remember him saying “no” but I don’t remember being particularly phased by his answer I responded with an oh, ok and a cheery face and then just started to get on with life I suppose. 

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